Discovering god!!!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Swami got up today to the sound of the truck honking. How he wished that one day people in this world would stop reading newspapers and the shop at the corner would shut down. The early morning truck would always be his alarm clock. He got up and stashed his sack,his only protection in the cold,rain & the only comfort that he had access to , and pillow made out of old clothes into the corner behind the shop. He got up. The shopowner would soon be coming down and he didn’t like “a meanace”,that’s what he called him, around.

He quickly started walking to the nearby water tank to freshen up. On his way back he crossed a temple. He neared the gate of the temple, then he thought to himself, what is the point. God really doesn’t exist. He went and met a few of his fellow street kids at a nearby ground. They were all in a very sad mood as one of their friends was hospitalized after a shopowner beat him up for stealing an apple. Swami was also very distressed on hearing about this. They all were rueing the fact that their lives was so ful of hardship. It was at this very moment that they heard of the bells ringing at the end of the early morning aarthi at the temple. One of his friends Raju suggested, “ why don’t we go to the temple today, definitely god will hear our worries and help us out”

Swami, who was already troubled and worried suddenly burst out, “ There is no god…”

All the others were stunned. They always believed that god would always be there to help them. But why did swami suddenly stop believing in god. Swami retorted,” he never helps us”

Swami went on, “where is god when I am sleeping in the night under the shade of the corner shop shivering in the cold. Where is he when the shopkeeper beats me up for sleeping near his shop in the night. The old man who comes to the temple everyday in his big white car, donates some thousands everyday in the hundi, but he never even shares a single rupee with us.what is it that god wants, some thousands of rupees or the happiness of his devotees. They hotel owner throws away so much food everyday but if we take an apple, he beats us up. The govt school where we used to study, now doesn’t have a teacher to teach. There is no god …if he were there why doesn’t he help us.”

He was fed up and started walking towards the corner tea stall, so that he could buy a a bun, his daily breakfast, from his yesterday’s savings. He seats himself at the corner of a bench. An old man was sitting next to him and having a cup of tea. Swami was lost in his thoughts. Suddenly when he turned he saw the the guy sitting next to him had left but had forgot his wallet behind. He quickly picked it up and went running out to find the guy. He saw him getting into a white car. He reached the car panting just before it was about to speed away. The owner of the car, Mr Nathan, was thankful to swami. He bought him an elaborate breakfast and started chatting with him.

Swami was hungry and started stuffing himself. Swami told him his life story and how he had ended up on the streets. How he had to give up his dream of studying and all. Mr Nathan asked him if he would want to come with him and stay and study at his place. Swami was shocked. He was not sure what to say, but on Mr Nathan’s insistence he joined him at his place. Swami lived with the Nathan’s. Mrs Nathan was a very kind lady and took care of Swami very well. All his needs were taken care of. They took care of him like their own son.

Swami was a great student and went on to college after finishing high school. Today is Swami’s graduation. He sat there waiting for his name to be called. He was reflecting back on his life. He never forgot the day he had encountered Mr Nathan. He was eternally grateful to both Mr & Mrs Nathan for all that they did for him. Swami was now sure there is god..definitely…there is god…

In the crowd waiting for Swami to come to the stage, Mrs Nathan said to Mr Nathan, “ I am so happy today…Swami has done me proud.” Mr Nathan added, “ Yes, if only I had not decided to take go that tea shop that day, I would have continued to remain the old man who donates thousands in the hundi only” both Mr & Mrs Nathan smiled.


d gypsy! said...

I dint get the last line

whats hundi?

Anonymous said...

Sure is a weird thing... the circle of life...

Ghost writer said...

hundi ..ohh that is what they call the box where people drop money at temples...:)


circle of life ...that is where exactly this thing started :)

everything burns... said...

aww... beautifully written... although a rather bollywood film ending types....