New Generation Faith

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


“Kids these days…absolutely not religious...they have lost their way in this world…being religious is not as they say “kool” “

hear some grandmothers,especially the ones who have a local evening meetup thing going everyday, and this is something that you will find many of them complaining. But I beg to differ. You can just say that youngsters these days are less religious. They are just choosing to follow a different religion altogether. They need to understand that and accept it. They need to live with the fact and understand that we have a different rituals and rites that we perform. Let me detail it out, so as to prove that my statement is not wrong. And you will find that many many many people in “hip-hop” generation of today follow these rituals ..religiously…

every weekend they get up as soon as the clock strikes 8 ..okie this is something that you guys need to cut them some slack for..these guys work their ass off the whole week to ensure that they earn enough and hold onto their jobs..capitalism is more rampant now a days than in your times. After waking up they religiously plan the next 12 hours completely. Every minute is important. They decide not to waste a single min. The extent of detail of such plans would even put the best of the strategists to shame. Ask these “kids” to share it with your sometimes. Being a stickler for good hygiene they freshenup. Like good well behaved individuals they take a head bath,and dress in their best attire. And yes like olden days they do apply a lot of pastes made out of natural fruits and other nature’s gifts on their head and begin their journey.

They donot embark on this religious quest alone. They gather all the likeminded devotees of their faith and together begin the journey to their temple. Also not they use a common mode of transport (highlighting their concern for the environment). They utilize the journey to exchange notes and discuss the plan that they had made individually. Seamlessly without much hue and cry..the many detailed and extensive plans merge into one. All stakeholders are satisfied..and the process is quick…so quick and so efficient that directors of companies sitting in their board rooms can learn, the process of integration, from them.

They soon arrive at their temple. They have strict rules about your conduct and attire at the premises, so strict that the ancient orthodox Brahmins would be put to shame.the doorman is instructed with the act of restricting the entry to guests who donot comply with the religious dictat. The devotees strictly enter the temple and start the rituals. They begin with waiting for the main saint to enter. He starts with some soft chants which ensure that the devotees get into the mood to pray. The number or devotees soon increases and then as the clock strikes 10...and darkness sets in outside …the devotees all gulp 2-3 mouthfulls of barley extracts and then embark on their religious journey. They sway in praise of their leaders..they leave behind all their inhibitions and attain a peaceful state of mind. Soon the clock 12..and religious fanatics, their biggest fanatics, arrive. Being the peaceful race, the devotees end their prayer and begin their journey backs to their humble abode. But they take the longer route back as they come to terms with the sanity that exists in the world around them, and also return to the same state of mind with which they left their homes..

This is a ritual they follow every week.. so please consider this religion.look at its ethos and tenants and yeah join in .you are always welcome !!!

Discovering god!!!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Swami got up today to the sound of the truck honking. How he wished that one day people in this world would stop reading newspapers and the shop at the corner would shut down. The early morning truck would always be his alarm clock. He got up and stashed his sack,his only protection in the cold,rain & the only comfort that he had access to , and pillow made out of old clothes into the corner behind the shop. He got up. The shopowner would soon be coming down and he didn’t like “a meanace”,that’s what he called him, around.

He quickly started walking to the nearby water tank to freshen up. On his way back he crossed a temple. He neared the gate of the temple, then he thought to himself, what is the point. God really doesn’t exist. He went and met a few of his fellow street kids at a nearby ground. They were all in a very sad mood as one of their friends was hospitalized after a shopowner beat him up for stealing an apple. Swami was also very distressed on hearing about this. They all were rueing the fact that their lives was so ful of hardship. It was at this very moment that they heard of the bells ringing at the end of the early morning aarthi at the temple. One of his friends Raju suggested, “ why don’t we go to the temple today, definitely god will hear our worries and help us out”

Swami, who was already troubled and worried suddenly burst out, “ There is no god…”

All the others were stunned. They always believed that god would always be there to help them. But why did swami suddenly stop believing in god. Swami retorted,” he never helps us”

Swami went on, “where is god when I am sleeping in the night under the shade of the corner shop shivering in the cold. Where is he when the shopkeeper beats me up for sleeping near his shop in the night. The old man who comes to the temple everyday in his big white car, donates some thousands everyday in the hundi, but he never even shares a single rupee with us.what is it that god wants, some thousands of rupees or the happiness of his devotees. They hotel owner throws away so much food everyday but if we take an apple, he beats us up. The govt school where we used to study, now doesn’t have a teacher to teach. There is no god …if he were there why doesn’t he help us.”

He was fed up and started walking towards the corner tea stall, so that he could buy a a bun, his daily breakfast, from his yesterday’s savings. He seats himself at the corner of a bench. An old man was sitting next to him and having a cup of tea. Swami was lost in his thoughts. Suddenly when he turned he saw the the guy sitting next to him had left but had forgot his wallet behind. He quickly picked it up and went running out to find the guy. He saw him getting into a white car. He reached the car panting just before it was about to speed away. The owner of the car, Mr Nathan, was thankful to swami. He bought him an elaborate breakfast and started chatting with him.

Swami was hungry and started stuffing himself. Swami told him his life story and how he had ended up on the streets. How he had to give up his dream of studying and all. Mr Nathan asked him if he would want to come with him and stay and study at his place. Swami was shocked. He was not sure what to say, but on Mr Nathan’s insistence he joined him at his place. Swami lived with the Nathan’s. Mrs Nathan was a very kind lady and took care of Swami very well. All his needs were taken care of. They took care of him like their own son.

Swami was a great student and went on to college after finishing high school. Today is Swami’s graduation. He sat there waiting for his name to be called. He was reflecting back on his life. He never forgot the day he had encountered Mr Nathan. He was eternally grateful to both Mr & Mrs Nathan for all that they did for him. Swami was now sure there is god..definitely…there is god…

In the crowd waiting for Swami to come to the stage, Mrs Nathan said to Mr Nathan, “ I am so happy today…Swami has done me proud.” Mr Nathan added, “ Yes, if only I had not decided to take go that tea shop that day, I would have continued to remain the old man who donates thousands in the hundi only” both Mr & Mrs Nathan smiled.

The war we fight every week!!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


The clock strikes 5 …early morning dew has spread itself across every blade of grass..the birds are starting to chirp….early morning ….people are starting their daily routine…the warrior rises from his slumber…tired and exhausted..he is physically broken but mentally he is preparing for battle..he doesn’t like wars that he fights every day….he rises from his bed reluctantly…starts to prepare mental strategy for survival…every muscle in his body aches…every movement causes pain…he manages to get ready and put on his gear…he picks up his weapon and mounts his chariot….slowly he starts moving towards the battle ground….he reaches close to the venue…but decides to fight with the cavalry that day..slowly he dismounts from his chariot…adjusts his gear and weapons….slowly but steadily he makes his way to the area of action…every step seems like eternity….every step is slow and deliberate..he is thinking of his family & friends who are back home waiting for him to return..he is thinking of his endeavours in the past few days…he is thinking about life and the strange twist of fate…he is thinking of the way to impress his king…he is thinking of how to achieve glory….as he nears the venue his pace drops….every step forward is now a humoungous challenge…it takes all the strength in his body to keep moving…he realizes how much he dislikes the act of war…he wants to drop his weapon and return…but he cannot betray his kingdom…and he fears the wrath of the king as well…his throat is dry..he craves for the magic potion for survival..he wants to take swigs of it and revive himself….he finally reaches the area…suddenly there is a slap on his back….. “ hey was your weekend…..all set for a week full of have a cup of coffee…”

World movies...A treasure chest of world movies

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Its been ages since I have actually sat in front of the television and had a marathon movie session. But last Friday I was tired..completely exhausted and wanted to do nothing over the weekend but sit, watch movies, hog on pizzas and have a great time. So Friday night I began the marathon. Sat on the couch and started channel surfing looking for some good movies to watch. Recently moved to a different package on the set top box and hence there were a lot more channels that were on offer, showing movies in all kinds of languages.

I had not seen world movies ever before. And stopped my surfing on World movies. I had heard a lot about this channel. Since there was nothing else to do…decided that “Jules Et Jim” the French movie was the first in my series. The movie was about a touching tale of friendship and love. (Well it could be called a chick flick of the 60’s) but yeah somehow kept me glued to it till the end.

It was during this movie that I realized that the movies that were telecasted on this channel are of different genres from different parts of the world. Extremely new and some good classics

It was a refreshing change from the star movies and HBOs. This one was definitely one of its kind. Intrigued I checked up on the TV guide for the following week. Some of the awesome movies that is available for your viewing pleasure

1. The Killer

Director C├ędric Anger delves into the seedy side of the world’s most romantic city in this Parisian psychological thriller. Gilbert Melki is Leo Zimmerman, an astute and wealthy businessman whose shady deals make him the mark of cool faced hit-man, Dimitri Kopas (Gregoire Colin). Leo strikes a gentleman’s agreement with Kopas, giving him a few extra days to organise a money fund for his wife Sylvia (Sophie Cattani) and eight-year-old daughter, before his life is taken. Melanie Laurant plays Stella, a prostitute hired to distract Kopas.

The Killer journeys into a world of paranoia, mistrust and human compassion with a grey and wintry Paris in the background. With both men watching their backs, a strange relationship develops between assassin and mark as Kopas’s professional detachment becomes clouded by a strange kind of empathy. Dark cinematography gives the film a cold and gritty feel to accompany strong performances from the entire cast, including a small but important role by Xavier Beauvois (Female Agents)

2. A Touch of Spice

Blending romance and cuisine with just a pinch of early Greek and Turkish culture, A Touch Of Spice has been billed as Greece’s answer to Like Water For Chocolate. One of the most popular Greek films of all time, this bittersweet coming-of-age story explores themes of cultural displacement with sensitivity and gentle humour. Evocative, nostalgic and full of mouth-watering delicacies, A Touch Of Spice is a delectable delight!
Structured, like a good meal, into courses, we first meet young Fanis in the ‘appetiser.’ A young Greek boy living with his family in Istanbul, every day is filled with lessons in life and culinary wisdom from his philosophical, spice merchant grandfather. But tensions between Greece and Turkey mean that Fanis’ family must leave for Greece on short notice. Fanis’ grandfather, however, stays behind. Flash forward to Athens in 1964 – the ‘main course’ – and Fanis is showing real talent as a cook. He still daydreams of his grandfather and his best friend Saime, a Turkish girl, however, and the beautiful city of Istanbul they left behind. Thirty-five years later – ‘desserts’ – Fanis, now a successful professor of astrophysics, finally returns to Istanbul where his grandfather is mortally ill.
One movie that you could watch is “echo”. This movie from Denmark showcases the relationship between a father and his son. The protagonist kidnaps his son after losing a custody battle and takes him to a quiet location where he spends his last vacation with his son, bonding and building on his relationship with him. This is a must watch for all nature photographers cause of the beautiful location that movie was shot in. Also the acting by the protagonist is amazing. I don’t know the name of the actor, but it was very good. I would strongly recommend that you watch this movie.

Other than that, I can assure you that the channel has earned a loyal audience in me and am looking forward to watching those amazing movies from the various corners of the world on this. People who have not yet seen it or have not hooked onto it, kindly do so.

Yeah and will put in my reviews of those movies everytime I find a good one 

Back bencher's world

Friday, 19 December 2008


He sat there and dreamt. The teacher was far away and the loud voice sounded like a whisper in his dreamy world. He was dreaming a story, a story that would at once rejuvenate and bring out the lightness of being.He smiled as he thought of the innumerable possibilities of his story unconstrained by the demands of the real world. His story had warmth and simplicity yet was not boring.His teacher spoke of grammar and he let go off all that he had trouble understanding. He stepped easily around troubles and gently walked into an independent world without cause and effect.

When the English lecture ended, he came out of it untouched. He had managed to preserve his innocence.It was all about proofs in geometry. He had a simple mind that believed everything and never required proof. He created fantastic shapes and structures in his mind. His mind drew a straight line from his school to his fantasy.He was scolded repeatedly but the scolding magically became soft whispers. And he replied without preparation, sometimes with a smile. The teacher had given up on him and that too disappeared in his fantasy.

Geometry inspired him to dream of fantastic cities with buildings with no centers of gravity and bridges that could appear and disappear.Chemistry inspired magic in him. He turned things to gold. Fires were magically put out and cures for all ills were created. Colorful fumes emanated from substances but never caused harm.But he failed to answer simple questions. His story was continuing through the chemistry lecture. He was creating energy potions that were available only to good men and miraculously stayed away from the reaches of bad people.

During history, the loud teacher whispered about governments and empires. He merrily turned his story to create independent people with no governments. There was no army because the bad people never had a chance in his story. He happily replaced a history of conquests and hero worship with his own version of continuous happiness. Everything fitted easily.

His story continued on to the physics lecture. Here he was at his best. He created cars and trains that consumed no energy and merrily crossed each other with no accidents. Cities connected to each other instantly.

He created the final episodes of his story as he made his way to the principal’s office. He sleepwalked his way through the school corridors all the while smiling.

In his story he abolished punishment. All beings became equal. Life was easy and meant thinking exactly what one wanted without any additions or subtractions. The principal punished him again. He smiled. He always stepped around difficulties. His imaginary life merged with reality the moment he came near his best friend. And for a while real life became fantastic and as the two friends walked in circles around the school ground they grabbed at the real world with hunger.

At night he finished his homework. All the while the dreams continued. Homework became an adventure created out of his free will. His struggles became monumental. He was the hero struggling against demonic concepts.The next day he walked dreamily to school, a small figure carrying a big load. He reached out to grab leaves from low hanging branches and he brushed the bushes with his hand.

Then the miracle happened. The English teacher was touched by his far away expression and started teaching dreams, undefined and elusive dreams. He moved from the last bench to the front.

Rat race to the top of the pyramid!!!

Thursday, 30 October 2008


"The first step of reaching the top is getting through the crowd at the bottom"

How often we think to cross one level of competition, and be assured that rest of the going would be smooth, just to realize that competition has just increased !
As a child we often didn't know what we are headed for. Later on we make a decision, usually the one that would lead to something more comfortable later in life, or colloquially "do this, and then there is fultoo aish".

As a child I used to think that if I get good grades in school, life would be comfortable. Maybe comfortable meant "bed of roses" to me. In engineering, all the old school style of competition seemed somewhat trivial ! Bt still there is a big fight to get those coveted jobs, but again, on reaching "there", we often end up realizing that just to be ahead of the crowd, you have to compete a lot. During those job/graduation days it is a dream to get into any of the coveted b schools leading to a wonderful "bed of roses" type life. But again it is the same old competition, of the kind we had earlier, but much more fierce, with much more to win and much more a stake. All those "old" competition might now seem insignificant.

But still ... whether we like it or not, that's the truth. As we move higher and higher the intensity of competitiveness. If I land up at some dream job from here, to an outsider it may seem as an end - a comfortable life with success guaranteed. But the one actually facing the music may realize that competition has just increased manifold. And as that chap moves up the hierarchical pyramid, he may realize that the competition for the next level is now manifold.

That reminds me of the process of selection of Jack Welsh's successor as the CEO of GE. All seemed to be absolutely fantastic, the margin for the final "winner" was almost negligible. Drawing inference from this, one can guess how competitive it would be as one moves up the career. And from the top looking in retrospect, all may seem so inconsequential. Maybe the school or graduation was a cakewalk, as the person may think.

Maybe, getting ahead of the lot to succeed in competition may seem to be a tough ask as of now, but that may not be even a small part of the things to come and if it is just only about comfort without competition, it may just a form of manifestation of mediocrity.


Monday, 6 October 2008


Well I must admit, for the past few months I have been lazing around a lot. More of a sedentary lifestyle, as a result of which I have added a few (ehem!!) extra pounds. So now that I got settled in this new city, I decided to do something about it and went ahead and joined a gym. Yes it is true. I have joined a gym. My friends refuse to believe me but yes I have. They say this is as big as maneka Gandhi wearing fur or something like that. This is a very very interesting world I must say, the gym I mean. Finding a gym which is close to my house was a top priority as I was sure I would give up if I had to travel a small distance, as travelling 80km to and fro from work was enough travel for a day. So after lot of effort and time I found a suitable gym.

Last week I walked into this gym, a little classy I must say. The receptionist was very helpful and did most of the paperwork and gave me a membership card and explained to me all the dos and donts of the gym. I walked away from the place feeling triumphant inspite of the fact that it left a huge hole in my pocket. I will keep this part very short cause don’t really remember most of it. It was more of a spur of a moment thing. Just had this urge to start excercising and went ahead and joined a gym before I changed my mind. And now that a financial commitment was made, it has ensured that I go to the gym regularly for the past 7 days.


The first day, I came back from office in the evening and decided to hit the gym. Walked down to the gym, armed with the essential waterbottles and towels. Now I must admit, what I saw next was a different world all together. I have in the past week come across different kind of people in this world. I would like to introduce you to them


The first kinds are obviously the serious guys. They take their workouts very seriously. They religiously visit the gym everyday. They are guys whose bodies are in great shape, and dedicated sportspersons. They are very content with their established routine. They come and quietly go ahead doing their excercises, occasionally helping out others who ask them for help with some weights. I was asked to tag along with one of them who would introduce me to the various excercises on my card. He patiently took me through them and also corrected me a few times. He didn’t speak much. Just the occasional word cautioning me on how I was using the incorrect method.

Next come the heavy weights. They are the second kind of people who come to the gym religiously as they desperately want to reduce weight. But the problem is they act as if they own the gym. Just because they have been long time members they scorn upon every new comer, it is like they check out every individual who comes in, as if we need their approval to join the place. Ran into one of them and the conversation was as follows.

“You seem to be new here”


 After the initial pleasentaries. They got down to business.

"you have to loose weight. You are fat man”

Okie now I know that I am a little fat!! But this coming from a guy who was atleast double my size I was like …dddduuuuuddddeeee!!!!!

These are the kind of people who would be keeping a closer eye on how much you have lost or gained. So if you ever want a history of your progress, ask them!!

The third kinds, and god save you from them, are the ones who are decently built. Not really the bodybuilders but the ones who can pass off as athletic. They are the ones who give the maximum gyan. They would be keeping an eye on everyone who excercises and keep correcting the people. They would be the ones who would interrupt every time and ask you to sit straight, correct posture, increase speed... and they wont stop at that, it will be followed by what is the science behind it. How it helps more? How it is more effective? How the other way is harmful? They are more bugging than my professors in college. Atleast there I could sleep in the back benches, here it is like the 7up ad that they are airing on television now a days. One thing you need to note is that these people would always talk about weights in pounds and repetitions. You might think that they are knowledgeable but the actual reason is that the first page of google search yields only European sites which use those measures to describe exercises.


The fourth kind, man they are the google powered aunties!!! They are the ones who would be armed with all the latest knowledge about the diseases that man can get by leading the sedentary life. Also high on their list is the latest diets which have been released by various labs, and how much calories they have. they will easily tell you how much calories you intake everyday based on yoru diet and also will recommend a good diet which is easy to make. The dieticians and nutritionists should be careful as they might soon become unemployed.

 There is one other kind as well. Who believe that the gym is a hunting ground. They are called the gym Romeos (they are actually reffered to by that term by the girls who come to the gym). They are the guys who would come occasionally and they would make all the hue and cry before starting to exercise. It is like they prepare themselves and announce to the whole world that they are starting to exercise. They would then scout for a place next to a good looking gal and then try and get the machine closest to her or in worst case scenario try and stay in their line of sight. There would be a remarkable similarity in their exercise routine with that of the girl they like. And yeah some of the uncles also belong to the group. They would happily oogle away to glory :) and generally these romeos tend to hunt in packs.

 There are other kinds as well but haven’t really been to gym long enough to get dope on them as well: P

 Let’s just hope I keep going long enough to get to know the other species as well!!